Casino bonuses linked to deposits

Many online casinos lure new gamblers by offering them casino bonuses linked to bonuses. This is how it works. Suppose you have never ever visited an online gambling site. One day, you just happen to click one such site. As soon as that site launches on your computer, you get a Welcome Bonus message saying, 400% matching deposit upto 1000 GBP. So, what does this mean? Simply this: When you deposit, say 100 GBP upon signing up, you receive a bonus 400% of that amount which means 400 GBP. However, there is a limit to which you receive this bonus and this information is often included in the Welcome Bonus Package message. If you would like to receive one such bonus, head over to

To avail of these deposit linked bonuses, you need to register yourself with your online casino and follow up on some steps. Fill in your name, email id, password, etc. You would also have to enter your user name while registering. Once you have done all this, go to your mail box and click the verification link sent by your casino. Post this step, connect your casino account with your bank account, credit or debit card or e-wallet. In the next stage, you would have to make an initial deposit. The minimum deposit amount is often mentioned by the casino. Once you have completed all these steps, go back to your mail box and retrieve your bonus code. Enter code in your casino page and get the bonus.

Other casino deposit bonuses

We have talked about the Welcome Bonus Package that favours new players but what about old players and loyalists. In fact, almost every reputed online casino has privileges for their loyal players. Called Reload Bonuses, these are meant to encourage old players who renew their casino accounts periodically. Reload bonuses can be awarded weekly, fortnightly or even on a monthly basis. Check your casino's homepage to find your Reload Bonus frequency. Look out for Preferred Deposit Bonus from your casino. If you make a deposit from one of the gateways preferred by your casino, you might get this bonus. Preferred Deposit Bonuses are often expressed in percentages. For e.g. when you deposit 100 GBP using Skrill, you might get 15% of this amount as a bonus.

Like Welcome Bonuses, Preferred Deposit Bonuses too have have a maximum limit. Often, loyal players get Loyalty Bonuses from their casinos. If you have been around with your gambling site for quite some time, you should be rewarded with a Loyalty Bonus. Loyalty Bonus may be accompanied with VIP Treatment, a personal account manager and special packages. High Rollers are those players who place very high bets, and these players often get special treatment from their casinos. High Rollers are recipients of special bonuses not available to everybody. Online casinos also sometime give away special bonuses to players who sign up from specific websites.To gain those bonuses, these players have to enter a special string of characters.


Bonus Terms and Conditions

Before we start on this topic, please understand the tax implications of casino bonuses. Every country has a different set of rules regarding casino privileges, bonuses, etc. Inevitably, you can't withdraw your bonus because it is virtual money. To redeem your bonus, you would have to fulfil a few conditions. Most casinos have wagering requirements connected to Welcome Deposit Bonuses. For example, if you get a bonus of 100 GBP, you can use it only when you wager 4x this amount. Secondly, all these Welcome Bonuses are restricted to a few games per casino. Continuing this example further, your bonus could be limited to video games, Blackjack and Roulette. Or, it could be limited to games made by specific gaming providers.

Logically, casinos offer only those games where the House Edge is high. House Edge is the mathematical advantage enjoyed by a casino on a specified game. In the case of Video Slots, this advantage ranges from 2 to 15%. Therefore, you should expect your casino to extend your bonus to those Video Games that have the highest House Edge. Not just that, on those games, your casino might have a very high stake requirement level, sometimes 100%. So if you have a bonus of 100 GBP, you would have to stake 200 GBP. However, the same casino can also offer you other games as well such as Blackjack or Baccarat. Please note; all deposit bonuses need to redeemed within a specific timeleine.